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Alliance Leveling Guide Level 55-57

Level 55
Level 56
Level 57

Death Knight Leveling Guide Part 2
Level 56

  1. Get Gothik the Harvester, and turn it in to Gothik who is nearby. Get the follow-up, The Gift That Keeps On Giving.

  2. Enter the Havenshire Mine to the northeast. Use the Gift of the Harvester in your inventory on Scarlet Miners to have a chance of turning them into Scarlet Ghouls. Gather 5 of them.

  3. Return to Gothik the Harvester to turn the quest in. and get the follow-up An Attack of Opportunity.
  1. Turn Attack of Opportunity it in to Prince Valanar in Death's Breach and get the follow-up Massacre at Light's Point.

  2. Return to the mine you were just at -- to it's right should be an Inconspicuous Minecar.


  3. Get in the Minecar and wait for a miner to come and carry you to a boat at Light's Point. Get on one of the boat's Cannons use the cannon's (Ability 1) and keep pressing 1 to quickly kill Defenders. Use (Ability 2) whenever the defenders approach the cannon. Finish killing 100 Scarlet Defenders.

  4. When done, use the cannon's Gryphon ability to return to Death's Breach and turn Massacre at Light's Point in and get the follow-up Victory at Death's Breach.
  1. Fly one of the Scourge Gryphons up from Death's Breach to Highlord Darion Mograine in Ebon Hold. Get The Will of the Lich King, train your level 56 abilities.

    • Then, fly back down to Death's Breach to turn the quest in and get the follow-up The Crypt of Remembrance.

  2. Head out of Death's Breach towards the fields to talk to Noth the Plaguebringer to get The Plaguebringer's Request.

  3. Go to the Crypt of Remembrance, turn in the quest The Crypt of Remembrance and get the follow-up Lambs to the Slaughter.

  4. Enter New Avalon at the location indicated on the map (western entrance) and go into the Inn. Enter the Inn's basement, and pick up the Empty Cauldron.

  5. Exit the Inn and head over to the Town Hall on the southwest side of town. Kill Mayer Quimby, and pick up the New Avalon Registry.

  6. Return to the Crypt of Remembrance to turn in Nowhere to Run and Nowhere to Hide and get the follow-up How to Win Friends and Influence Enemies. Open the box and dual-wield the two Keleseth's Persuaders within.
  1. Enter New Avalon through the eastern entrance, killing Citizens of New Avalon and Scarlet Crusade Soldiers while you make your way to the Forge to your left.
  2. Pick up the Iron Chain in the forge, and continue killing Crusade mobs until you've completed Lambs to the Slaughter, The Plaguebringer's Request, and How to Win Friends and Influence Enemies.

  3. Return to Noth the Plaguebringer and turn in The Plaguebringer's Request. Then, get Noth's Special Brew and 'use' the cauldron that is behind Noth. This quest is repeatable and gives you a potion that restores health and Runic Power.

  4. Return to the Crypt of Remembrance and turn in Lambs to the Slaughter, and How to Win Friends and Influence Enemies.
  1. Get Behind Scarlet Lines and travel to the Scarlet Tavern in New Avalon to turn it in.
  2. Get the follow-ups The Path of the Righteous Crusader and Brothers in Death.

  3. Go to the Scarlet Hold, on the eastern edge of New Avalon.

    • Inside of the Hold, go upstairs. In the 'main' center room upstairs pick up the Patrol Schedule on the table.
    • Head back downstairs, all the way into the basement. Talk to Koltira Deathweaver to complete Brothers in Death. Get the quest Bloody Breakout, and stay inside of the protective bubble that Koltira creates. Survive several waves of mobs, mitigating their spell damage by remaining inside of the bubble. If you leave the bubble, you will take much more damage. Use ranged abilities and pull spells to kill mobs, including High Inquisitor Valroth who eventually comes down after several waves of lesser mobs.

  4. Return to the Scarlet Tavern to turn the quests in. Get the follow-up A Cry for Vengeance.

  5. Head to the Chapel of the Crimson Flame. Turn the quest in to Knight Commander Plaguefist and get the follow-up quest A Special Surprise.

    • Enter the long house near the chapel, this is the Prison House. Walk up to the NPC that the Knight told you to speak with (it varies depending on your race).
    • Wait for the NPC's dialogue to complete, kill him/her, and return to the Knight to turn the quest in.

  6. Get A Sort of Homecoming, and then return to Thassarian at the Scarlet Tavern to turn it in.

  7. Get Ambush at the Overlook and head to the ambush spot where you should use the tree disguise item you received to disguise yourself as a very convincing tree. When the Scarlet Courier comes to inspect you, kill him when you are able, take his Scarlet Courier's Belongings and the Scarlet Courier's Message.

    • Return to the Scarlet Tavern and turn in Ambush at the Overlook.

Ding80's Death Knight Leveling Guide
Level 55

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