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Alliance Leveling Guide Level 55-57

Level 55
Level 56
Level 57

Death Knight Leveling Guide Part 3
Level 57

  1. Get the follow-up A Meeting With Fate and go back to the Overlook while disguised as the Scarlet Courier. (You can mount with the disguise)
  2. Turn the quest in to High General Abbendis at King's Harbor and get the follow-up The Scarlet Onslaught Merges.

  3. Return to the Scarlet Tavern to turn it in and get the follow-up Scarlet Armies Approach...

  4. Take the portal to Acherus: Ebon Hold to turn the quest in to Mograine in the center circle of the room and then train your level 57 abilities.
  5. Get The Scarlet Apocalypse and fly down to Death's Breach using one of the Scourge Gryphons to turn the quest in to the Lich King and get the follow-up An End to All Things. Look in your bags, and use the item he gave you to summon a Frostwyrm that you can ride to complete the quest.

  6. Fly back towards New Avalon on the Frostwyrm and use the Wyrm's Frozen Deathbolt spell to kill 150 Scarlet Soldiers, and 10 Scarlet Ballistas.
  7. Use the wyrm's Devour Humanoid ability on some of the lone Scarlet Soldiers in the Havenshire Farms area if you run low on mana or need to recoup some health. You have to be almost in melee range to them for the Devour to work.

    Return to Death's Breach when you've completed the quest and turn it in and get the follow-up The Lich King's Command.
  1. Leave northwest through hte cave and follow the path slightly south to Highlord Darion Mograine at Browman Mill. When you arrive you should see a timer at the top of your screen telling you how long until the next attack on Light's Hope Chapel. When the attack begins, follow the other Deathknights and NPC's to the Chapel, and kill everything you see.

    • Watch the NPC's talk exhaustively after you 'lose.' Then, turn in The Light of Dawn to Highlord Darion Mograine and get Taking Back Acherus.

  2. Port to Acherus and turn in Taking Back Acherus and get the follow-up The Battle For The Ebon Hold.

    • Take the teleporter and kill 10 Scourge, and assist in killing Patchwerk. Then, return to Mograine using the teleport, and get the follow-up Where Kings Walk (Alliance) or Warchief's Blessing (Horde).

    • Take the portal to Stormwind or Orgrimmar, and turn in the respective quest.

You should now be level 58 and can proceed with your respective faction's 58+ levelling guides! Cast the Death Gate and return to train your skills - whenever you level as a death knight, you will train inside the necropolis and can return there instantly via the Death Gate. Happy levelling!

Ding80's Death Knight Leveling Guide
Level 56

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