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Alliance Leveling Guide Level 35-39

Level 35
Level 36
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Horde Alterac Mountains Guide
Level 36

Hearth to Orgrimmar and train your skills. Take the Zeppelin to The Undercity.

  1. Fly to Tarren Mill. Turn in The Crown of Will and get the next step in the chain. Also, get the quests here:

    • Stone Tokens
    • Helcular's Revenge
    • Infiltration
    • Prison Break In

  2. Head northwest into the Yeti Cave. Inside, charge Helcular's Rod with the Flame of Azel and Flame of Veraz in the cave.

  3. Head northwest to the Alterac Mountains.

  1. Head northeast up the plateau and kill the Syndicates for the Syndicate Missive.

  2. Kill Mountain Lions for a Fresh Carcass.

  3. Head northwest into another Yeti Cave. Clear your way to the end of the cave to the Flame of Uzel and charge your rod. At the flame, use the Fresh Carcass to lure Frostmaw. Kill it for Frostmaw's Mane.

  4. Head southwest to the Lordamere Internment Camp. In the camp, clear your way through the Dalaran Guards and kill all the undead targets near and inside the building for their Bloodstones.

  5. Head a little north to Kegan, who is in the second story of this house. Kill him for his Bloodstone. Finish collecting 10 Stone Tokens as well.

  6. Head south back to the Hillsbrad Foothills.

  1. Ride southeast to Helcular's Grave at the Southshore Graveyard and complete Helcular's Revenge. Avoid all the guards.

  2. Ride back to Tarren Mill and turn in your quests:

    • Stone Tokens and get the follow-up Bracers of Binding
    • Prison Break In and get the follow-up Dalaran Patrols
    • Infiltration - don't get the follow-up.

  3. Then, head back to the Alterac Mountains and go to the Dalaran Crater area.

    • When there, kill 12 Elemental Slave and 6 Dalaran Summoner. Continue killing however many elementals you need for 4 Bracers of Earth Bindings as well.

  4. Then, return back to Tarren Mill and turn in Bracers of Binding and Dalaran Patrols.

Finally, Hearth back to Orgrimmar. Fly to Thunderbluff. Go to The Hunter Rise and turn in Frostmaw. Get the follow-up Deadmire.

Ding80's Horde Stranglethorn Vale Leveling Guide
Level 35

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