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Alliance Leveling Guide Level 35-39

Level 35
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Level 37
Level 38
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Horde Dustwallow Marsh Guide Part 1
Level 38

  1. Fly to Camp Taurajo, The Barrens. (Southern end of The Barrens).

  2. Ride southeast along the road to Dustwallow Marsh.

  1. Right by the entrance to the zone, go to the Shady Rest Inn and get the quests from the items around the building:

    • Suspicious Hoofprints
    • The Black Shield
    • Lieutenant Paval Reethe

  2. Head northeast to Mudcrush Durtfeet and get the quest Hungry!

  3. Head north to Brackenwall Village. Get the Flight Path. Turn in the quests Suspicious Hoofprints, The Black Shield, and Lieutenant Paval Reethe. Get all the quests in the area - your zone quest log should now look like:

    • Inspecting the Ruins
    • Theramore Spies (Note: this quest is a pain because the spies are stealthed and scattered all over the place. The guide doesn't cover this quest, I advise you not to look around for them, there is no follow-up and its not worth it. You can abandon it later.)
    • The Hermit of Witch Hill
    • Check Up on Tabetha
    • The Black Shield
    • Twilight of the Dawn Runner
    • Army of the Black Dragon
    • Identifying the Brood
    • Overlord Mok'morokk's Concern

  4. Head northeast to "Stinky" Ignatz and get the escort quest Stinky's Escape from him. This is a fairly tame escort quest.

  5. At the end of the escort quest, you'll be near the North Point Tower. Head inside and free Ithania at the ground floor. Fight your way to the top of the tower and get the Dawn Runner Cargo.

  6. Head east to Swamplight Manor. Turn in The Hermit of Witch Hill. Get the quests in the area, including from the dirt mound:

    • The Lost Report
    • Marsh Frog Legs
    • What's Haunting Witch Hill?

  7. Head northeast and gather 10 Frog Legs by killing the level 1 critter frogs. Also, kill Risen Husks and Risen Spirits which are often near the frogs to Gather 10 Information.

    • Then, return to Swamplight Manor.

  1. At Swamplight Manor, turn in What's Haunting Witch Hill? and Marsh Frog Legs. Get the follow-up The Witch's Bane.

  2. Head west and pick up 9 Witchbane along the river.

  3. Head northwest to a clearing of many Darkmist Spiders and kill them for 20 Unpopped Darkmist Eyes and 5 Acidic Venom Sacs.

  4. Return south to Brackenwall Village.

Ding80's Horde Desolace Leveling Guide
Level 37

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