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Alliance Leveling Guide Level 50-54

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Horde Felwood Guide Part 1
Level 54

Fly to The Undercity. Train your skills (if you can train in this city.)
Look for Harbinger Balthazad wandering around the city to get the quest: A Call to Arms: The Plaguelands!

Go to The Apothecarium - southwest area of The Undercity - and get the two quests:

  • A Sample of Slime...
  • ...and a Batch of Ooze

  1. Head north out of The Undercity into Tirisfal Glades. Ride east into The Western Plaguelands.

  1. Head to The Bulwark. Turn in A Call to Arms: The Plaguelands! and get Scarlet Diversions. Also, get and complete Argent Dawn Commissions and equip the trinket.

    Make sure to get the Flame in a Bottle from the Box of Incendiaries in the camp before you move on.

  2. Head east and clear your way to the Command Tent. Be careful since the scarlet mobs have a large aggro range and help each other when you engage any of them - pull them far back. Burn the tent then use the Scourge Banner at the tent.

    • Then, return to The Bulwark. Turn in Scarlet Dieversions and get the new quests: The Scourge Cauldrons and All Along the Watchtowers. Turn in The Scourge Cauldrons and get the follow-up Target: Felstone Field.

  3. Ride east to Felstone Field. Clear your way to Cauldron Lord Bilemaw near the cauldron. Kill it for the Felstone Field Cauldron Key and unlock the cauldron to complete Target: Felstone Field. Get the follow-up Return to the Bulwark.

  4. Head north and enter the house. Go up to the second floor to Janice Felstone. Get Better Late Than Never.

    • Head out of the house and into the next house to the southeast. Click on Janice's Parcel and complete and get the next step in Better Late Than Never.

    • Ride back to The Bulwark. Turn in Return to the Bulwark and get the follow-up Target: Dalson's Tears.

  5. Ride east to Dalson's Tears. Clear your way to Cauldron Lord Malvinious near the cauldron. Kill him, loot the Dalson's Tears Cauldron Key and click the cauldron to turn in Target: Dalson's Tears and get the follow-up Return to the Bulwark.

  6. Head to the easternmost house (the barn) and click Mrs. Dalson's Diary. Read through the text and get the follow-up Locked Away.

    • Look for the Wandering Skeleton around the barn. Kill it and loot the Dalson Outhouse Key.

    • Use the key to open the outhouse. Farmer Dalson, a level 56 mob, will spawn. Kill it and loot the Dalson Cabinet Key.

    • Go to the house west of the barn and open the Locked Cabinet.

  7. Head southwest into the Ruins of Andorhal. This area is dangerous - make sure to tread carefully and clear your way to each tower.

    Go to Tower Two and use the Beacon Torch at the entrance to the watch tower.

  8. Head east to Tower One and use the Beacon Torch at the entrance to the watch tower.

  9. Head northwest to Tower Four and use the Beacon Torch at the entrance to the watch tower.

  10. Head west to Tower Three and use the Beacon Torch at the entrance to the watch tower.

  11. Then, return to The Bulwark. Turn in your quests:

    • All Along the Watchtowers
    • Return to the Bulwark

    Don't get any of the follow-up quests. That is the extent of the quests we'll do in either of the Plaguelands areas.

    When done, Hearth to Orgrimmar.

At Orgrimmar, go to the Auction House. Buy a Mithril Casing, which you'll need later in Un'Goro Crater. (Alternatively, you can buy 3 Mithril Bar and get an engineer to make it for you.)

  1. Fly to Splintertree Post, Ashenvale.

  2. Ride northwest into Felwood.

  1. Ride northwest to Emerald Sanctuary. Get the Flight Path. Also, get the quests:

    • Forces of Jaedenar
    • Verifying the Corruption

  2. Ride northwest to Maybess Riverbreeze and get Cleansing Felwood.

  3. Ride northwest along the road and turn west to Jaedenar. Kill 4 Jaedenar Hound, 4 Jaedenar Guardian, 6 Jaedenar Adept, 6 Jaedenar Cultist.

  4. Head out of Jaedenar and to the north to a large amount of Cursed Oozes. Kill them until you get 30 Felwood Slime Samples.

  5. Head northeast to Shatter Scar Vale. Kill 2 Entropic Beasts and 2 Entropic Horrors and make sure you get credit for Explore the Craters.

  6. Ride northeast to Irontree Cavern and kill Warpwood Elementals for 15 Blood Amber.

  7. Ride southwest to Bloodvenom Post. Get the Flight Path. Get the quests:

    • A Husband's Last Battle
    • Well of Corruption
    • Don't get Wild Guardians

    • Then, Fly to Emerald Sanctuary.

  1. At Emerald Sanctuary, turn in your quests:

    • Forces of Jaedenar and get the follow-up Collection of the Corrupt Water
    • Verifying the Corruption

  2. Head southwest to Grazle. Get Timbermaw Ally.

  3. Head southwest and kill 6 Deadwood Warrior, 6 Deadwood Pathfinder, 6 Deadwood Gardener.

  4. At the southernmost area of the village, kill Overlord Ror for Overlord Ror's Claw.

    • Then, return to Grazle and turn in Timbermaw Ally. Get the follow-up Speak to Nafien.

  5. Go to Maybess Riverbreeze and turn in Cleansing Felwood. Get the Cenarion Beacon item. Now, whenever you kill a mob or use a gathering profession, you have a chance of getting one of the quest items needed for the four quests.

  6. Ride northwest to the Ruins of Constellas. Fight your way to the Corrupted Moonwell and use the Hardened Flasket inside it.

  7. Get out of the area and head to the end of Jaedenar. Use your Empty Canteen at the Corrupted Moonwell.

  8. Ride to Bloodvenom Post and turn in your quests:

    • A Husband's Last Battle
    • Well of Corruption and get the follow-up Corrupted Sabers

  9. Fly to Emerald Sanctuary and turn in Collection of the Corrupt Water. Get the follow-up Seeking Spiritual Aid.

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