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Alliance Leveling Guide Storm Peaks Guide 79-80

Level 79a
Level 79b
Level 79c
Level 80

Horde Storm Peaks Guide Part 2
Level 79

  1. Head into the Forlorn Mine.

  2. Talk to Lok'lira the Crone and turn in Leave No Goblin Behind. Get the follow-up The Crone's Bargain.

    • Kill Overseer Syra, just east in the next big room (She also patrols into the tunnels to the north and south), for the Runes of the Yrkvinn, then return to Lok'lira the Crone and turn in The Crone's Bargain and get the follow-up Mildred the Cruel.

    • Head east and talk to Mildred the Cruel. Turn in Mildred the Cruel and get the follow-up Discipline. Head into the north and south tunnels in the room and use your Disciplining Rod on 6 Exhausted Vrykul. Then, return to Mildred the Cruel and turn in Discipline and get the follow-up Examples to be Made.

    • Head east to Garhal just in the next room and kill him. Then, return to Mildred the Cruel and turn in Examples to be Made and get the follow-up A Certain Prisoner.

    • Return west to Lok'lira the Crone and turn in A Certain Prisoner. Get the follow-up A Change in Scenery.

  3. Head east out of the mine to Brunnhildar Village. Turn in A Change in Scenery and get the follow-up Is That Your Goblin?

    • Head just southeast and talk to Agnetta Tyrsdottar and challenge and kill her.

    • Return to Lok'lira the Crone and turn in Is That Your Goblin? and get the follow-up The Hyldsmeet. Talk to Lok'lira again and go through her dialogue Turn in the quest and get the follow-up Taking On All Challengers.

    • Look around camp for 6 Victorious Challengers and challenge and kill them. Then, return to Lok'lira the Crone and turn in Taking on All Challengers and get the follow-up You'll Need a Bear.

  4. Head east to Brijana and turn in You'll Need a Bear and get the follow-up Going Bearback. You'll enter into an automated ride. Keep using your Flaming Arrow (Ability 1) on cooldown and don't Sprint until you're done and just want to get back faster.

  1. Once you return to Brijana and complete the quest, turn in Going Bearback and get the follow-up Cold Hearted.

  2. Fly east to Dun Niffelem and mount directly onto a Captive Proto-Drake. Once on, use Ice Shard on Brunnhildar Prisoners and make sure you stay in range as they get grabbed by your drake. Free 3 since you can only carry that many, then fly back west. You need to rescue 9, so make two more trips. When done, turn in Cold Hearted. Get the follow-up Deemed Worthy.

  3. Talk to Astrid Bjonrittar in the southern area of Brunnhildar Village. Turn in Deemed Worthy and get the follow-up Making a Harness. Also, get the following quests in the next house to the west:

    • Aberrations
    • Off With Their Wings
    • Yuda's Folly

  4. Fly southwest and kill Icemane Yetis for 3 Icemane Yeti Hides.

  5. Fly further southwest to Garm's Bane and lay out the Improved Land Mines and kill 12 Garm Invaders with them.

  6. Return to Astrid Bjonrittar and turn in Making a Harness. Get the follow-ups The Last of Her Kind and The Slithering Darkness.

  7. Fly east and enter the cave. First, kill 8 Ravenous Jormungars as you clear to the back of the cave. When done, mount the Injured Icemaw Matriarch and take the ride out of the cave.

  8. Return to Astrid Bjonrittar.

  1. At Astrid Bjonrittar, turn in The Last of Her Kind and The Slithering Darkness. Get the follow-up The Warm-Up.

    • Head northeast to Kirgaraak. Spam Maul (Ability 4) as your main damage dealer. You can also do a combo attack by using Smash (Ability 5) to knock your opponent away then using Charge (Ability 6) right after. Do that attack on cooldown as well.

    • Turn in The Warm-Up and get the follow-up Into the Pit. Enter the pit and get on the bear. Kill 6 Hyldsmeet Warbears. Make sure to keep an eye on your own health too! Then, turn in Into the Pit and get the follow-up Prepare for Glory.

    • Head northwest to Lok'lira the Crone and turn in Prepare for Glory. Get the follow-up Lok'lira's Parting Gift.

    • Speak to Gretta the Arbiter at the northeastern area of the village and turn in Lok'lira's Parting Gift. Get the follow-up The Drakkensryd. You'll be flown to the Temple of Storms. Use your Hyldnir Harpoon to jump onto a targeted drake and enter hand to hand combat with an Hyldsmeet Drakerider. You can use your normal abilities to kill it, and can eat and drink on the drake if need be. Kill 10 Hyldsmeet Drakeriders. Finish by using your Hyldnir Harpoon on a Column Ornament at the temple. Turn in The Drakkensryd to Thorim. Get the follow-up Sibling Rivalry. Talk to him and go through the dialogue to complete the quest and get the follow-up Mending Fences.

  2. Fly west to Valkyrion. In the area, complete the following objectives while killing 12 Nascent Val'kyr and killing Valkyrion Aspirants for about 6 Vials of Frost Oil.

    • Kill Yulda the Stormspeaker. Get Valkyrion Must Burn from the Harpoon Crate next to her.
    • Use a Valkyrion Harpoon Gun and aim the Flaming Harpoon on the stacks of hay to start 6 Fires. You may want to use the other set of harpoon guns as well to get different angles for aiming.
    • Throw the Vials of Frost Oil onto the eggs and freeze 30 Proto-Drake Eggs. The eggs are mostly in groups of 6.

  3. Fly northeast back to the Grom'arsh Crash Site.

Ding80's Horde Storm Peaks Leveling Guide
Level 79a

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