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Alliance Leveling Guide Storm Peaks Guide 79-80

Level 79a
Level 79b
Level 79c
Level 80

Ding! 80!

Congratulations on Dinging 80!

The possibilities really open up once you hit 80. Enjoy all the opportunities level 80 brings you - run some heroic instances, or start the path of raiding!
Level up your professions and become a world renown crafter! Perhaps fishing is your calling?

If you've used this guide through many levels, then thank you for trusting the guidance that the guide provides. The greatest favor that I can ask is that if you enjoyed the guide to give your friends a tip on how to level up faster or how to level up an alt in under a week. My greatest goal is to make both the Alliance Leveling Guide and the Horde Leveling Guide more popular and mainstream. Come chat about Ding80 and feel free to brag about your leveling speed in the Forums.

Finally, the scope of this guide is simply leveling - I had thought about writing a Gold Guide as well, but I have found one guide that eclipses all other guides in quality, and it has recently slashed it's price significantly. If you need gold such as 5,000 gold for your epic mount, or even a couple tens of thousands of gold for buying epic gear and luxuries, take a look at the Gold Guide Gold Guide section to see the best Gold Guide for World of Warcraft.

Again, thanks for following the guide, it has been quite a fun challenge to create the fastest leveling guide in World of Warcraft. Have fun at Level 80!

Ding80's Horde Storm Peaks Leveling Guide
Level 79c

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