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Alliance Leveling Guide Level 30-34

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Horde Thousand Needles Guide Part 2
Level 30

Hearth to Orgrimmar and train your skills. If you're starting the guide here, back up one page to the end of Level 29, where the quests in The Thousand Needles were picked up, and start from the beginning of the questlines there. At this point, we just have several Thousand Needles quests in our log.

  1. Fly to Freewind Post, Thousand Needles.

  2. Head west to Roguefeather Den. Destroy the foodstuffs at the end of the cave to spawn Grenka Bloodscreech - kill her for Grenka's Claw.

  3. Head west and up south to Highperch. Gather 10 Highperch Wyvern Eggs.

  4. Head up the southeastern path to Pao'Ka. Accept his escort quest, Homeward Bound and escort him out - just like all escort quests, let him walk in the front in order to have him tank the ambushes and mobs first.

  5. Head east to Whitereach Post - be on the lookout for Steelsnap along the way, he runs in a wide circle around the post.

  1. At Whitereach Post, turn in your quests:

    • Homeward Bound
    • Serpent Wild
    • A Different Approach

    Get the new quests:

    • Sacred Fire
    • A Dip in the Moonwell
    • Don't get: Hypercapacitor Gizmo since it is a bit out of the way and difficult to solo.

  2. Head northwest - again, be on the lookout for Steelsnap along the way who runs around in a large loop around Whitreach Post and look carefully for a sloping path up the hill. Use the Robotron Control Unit at the Concealed Operating Panel at the far end of the hill.

    Send the robot to the moonwell and use the Gather Water ability. Then, right click the buff icon to return to your character.

  3. Head southeast to Camp E'Thok and kill the Galak Messenger for the Assassination Note, which starts the quest Assassination Plot.

  4. Return to the Whitereach Post and turn in A Dip in the Moonwell and get the follow-up Testing the Tonic. Also, turn in Assassination Plot and get the follow-up Protect Kanati Greycloud and kill the ambushing centaur that spawn.

  5. Head east to the boiling lake. Gather 10 Incendia Agave.

    • Once you're done and have found and killed Steelsnap as well, Hearth to Orgrimmar.

Fly to Thunder Bluff.

  • Go to Melor at The Hunter Rise and turn in Steelsnap. Get the follow-up Frostmaw.
  • Go to Magatha at The Elder Rise and turn in Sacred Fire. Get the follow-up Arikara.

Ding80's Horde Thousand Needles Leveling Guide
Level 29

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