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Alliance Leveling Guide Level 30-34

Level 30
Level 31
Level 32
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Horde Thousand Needles Guide Part 3
Level 31

  1. Fly to Freewind Post. Turn in Wind Rider and Testing the Tonic.

  2. Head east to Dorn Plainstalker. Turn in Test of Endurance and get the follow-up Test of Strength.

  3. Go here and head up the path to the Grimtotem Camp. The following numbers are all for locations on the top of rope bridges. As you walk up, you'll be faced with many choices in directions to go on rope bridges - basically, take every rope bridge - they all lead to something important.

  4. Secret Note #1

  5. Secret Note #2

  6. Secret Note #3

  7. "Sacred Fire of Life" to summon Arikara. Kill it for Arikara Serpent Skin.

  8. Kill Arnak Grimtotem here - also, talk to Lakota Windsong and accept her escort quest, Free At Last. Escort her last to exit this area.

  9. Head to Whitereach Post. Turn in Arikara.

  10. Head south and then northwest all the while looking for Rok'alim the Pounder who can be anywhere along the path.

  11. Continue northwest into Feralas.

  1. Follow the road and run straight to Camp Mojache. Get the Flight Path.

  1. Fly to Freewind Post. Turn in:

    • Grimtotem Spying
    • Wanted - Arnak Grimtotem
    • Free At Last

    If you're level 32, pick up the quest Family Tree now and save yourself a small trip later.

  2. Head northeast to Dorn Plainstalker. Turn in Test of Strength. Don't get the follow-up quest.

  3. Head southeast down to The Shimmering Flats, a small area which is rich in quests. Pick up all the quests:

    • Hardened Shells
    • Load Lightening
    • Salt Flat Venom
    • Hemet Nesingwary Jr.
    • Rocket Car Parts
    • A Bump in the Road
    • Wharfmaster Dizzywig

In The Shimmering Flats, the point is mainly to just keep moving and kill from monster to monster while collecting the Rocket Car Parts. The main challenge is the Hollow Vulture Bones due to the slow spawn rate of the vultures and that they're only in significant numbers here. Hence, the circuit is designed so that the vulure area is visited many times. Go around the flats, kill so that all the quest objectives are met, then turn them in.

  1. Large concentration of Vultures.

  2. Large concentration of Turtles. Keep whatever Turtle Meat you find, don't vendor it - you'll need it later.

  3. Large concentration of Saltstone Basilisk and Crystalhides.

  4. Large concentration of Vultures.

  5. Large concentration of Scorpids.

  6. Large concentration of Saltstone Gazers and Crytalhides.

  7. Large concentration of Vultures.

  8. Turn in the quests:

    • Hardened Shells
    • Load Lightening
    • Salt Flat Venom
    • Rocket Car Parts
    • A Bump in the Road.

    Get the follow-ups so that the quests you should have heading out of this area are:

    • Hemet Nesingwary Jr.
    • Goblin Sponsorship
    • Wharfmaster Dizzywig
    • Martek the Exiled

  9. Go south out of The Shimmering Flats and to Gadgetzan, Tanaris. Get the Flight Point.

    • Fly to Freewind Post and get the quest Family Tree (requires: level 32 - if you got it earlier, you can ignore this step)

    • Then, Hearth to Orgrimmar.

Ding80's Horde Thousand Needles Leveling Guide
Level 30

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