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Alliance Leveling Guide Level 30-34

Level 30
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Level 34

Horde Stranglethorn Vale Guide Part 1
Level 34

Hearth to Orgrimmar and train your skills.

  1. Go to Craven Drok in the Cleft of Shadow. Get Alliance Relations from him.

  2. Go to Keldran and turn in Alliance Relations and get the next step in the chain.

    • Then, Fly to Ratchet. At Ratchet, turn in:

      • Goblin Sponsorship and get the next step in the chain.
      • Wharfmaster Dizzywig - don't get the follow-up quest Parts for Kravel.

  1. Take the boat from Ratchet to Booty Bay. While on the boat, check your quest log - the quests you should have at this point are exactly these, many of which are quest chains from earlier. If you don't have them and just joined, then don't worry - just skip the steps that don't make sense since they are chains.

    • Regthar Deathgate
    • Alliance Relations
    • Hemet Nesingwary Jr. (Complete)
    • Family Tree (Complete)
    • Martek the Exiled (Complete)
    • Goblin Sponsorship
    • Frostmaw
    • The Crown of Will

    At Booty Bay, get all the quests:

    • Supply and Demand
    • Investigate The Camp
    • Bloodscalp Ears
    • Singing Blue Shards
    • Hostile Takeover
    • Scaring Shaky

  2. Head north up the road all the way to Grom'gol. Get all the quests there:

    • Bloodscalp Insight
    • Hunt for Yenniku
    • The Defense of Grom'gol
    • Bloody Bone Necklaces
    • The Vile Reef
    • Trollbane
    • Mok'thardin's Enchantment

  3. Head north to Nesingwary's Expedition Camp.

  1. At Nesingwary's Expedition Camp, turn in Hemet Nesingwary Jr. Get Welcome to the Jungle and turn it in to unlock and get these quests:

    • Panther Mastery
    • Tiger Mastery
    • Raptor Mastery

    Ignore The Green Hills of Stranglethorn for now because those quests would take up too much quest log space.

    Green Hills of Stranglethorn Organization Tip: Over the long time you'll be spending in Stranglethorn, you'll be getting a lot of pages. Fill up your main backpack with pages in the appropriate spot whenever you get it.

    • Chapter I: Page 1, 4, 6, 8
    • Chapter II: Page 10, 11, 14, 16
    • Chapter III: Page 18, 20, 21, 24
    • Chapter IV: Page 25, 26, 27

    This way, you'll know exactly what pages you're missing and what chapters you can turn in whenever you return to the Nesingwary camp.

  2. Head north and kill River Crocolisks

  3. Head southeast and hunt 10 Young Stranglethorn Tigers.

  4. Head even further southeast and hunt 10 Young Stranglethorn Panthers.

  5. Then, return to Nesingwary's Camp.

  1. At Nesingwary's Camp, turn in Panther Mastery and Tiger Mastery and get the next step in both chains.

  2. Head west and walk up the hill path and kill 10 Stranglethorn Tigers and 10 Stranglethorn Panthers.

  3. Southwest from there, hunt 10 Stranglethorn Raptors.

  4. Further southwest, on the mid-level portion of the cliff, are many Crystal Spine Basilisks. Kill them for 10 Singing Crystal Shards.

  5. Swim southwest and dive to find ruins full of murlocs. Look at one of the outer walls and find the tablet. Loot the Tablet Shard from it.

  6. Swim southeast to the Bal'lal Ruins. Kill trolls until you get all of:

    • 15 Bloodscalp Ears
    • 9 Bloodscalp Tusks
    • 25 Bloody Bloody Bone Necklaces
    • 1 Bloodscalp Totem

    There are more trolls in another set of ruins to the northeast as well once you've massacred all of the trolls in the Bal'lal Ruins.

  7. Return to Nesingwary's Camp.

  1. At Nesingwary's Camp, turn in all of the mastery quests - Panther Mastery, Tiger Mastery, and Raptor Mastery. Get the next step in all of these chains.

  2. Head south and kill 15 Lashtail Raptors.

  3. Continue to the Grom'gol Base Camp. Turn in your quests:

    • Hunt for Yenniku
    • Bloodscalp Insight
    • The Vile Reef
    • Bloody Bone Necklaces
    • The Defense of Grom'gol

    Get all the follow-up quests:

    • Headhunting
    • Grim Message
    • Split Bone Necklace
    • An Unusual Patron
    • The Defense of Grom'gol

  4. Fly to Booty Bay. Turn in your quests:

    • Supply and Demand and get the follow-up Some Assembly Required
    • Investigate the Camp
    • Singing Blue Shards and get the follow-up Venture Company Mining
    • Bloodscalp Ears

Ding80's Horde Arathi Highlands Leveling Guide
Level 33

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