Ding80's WoW Leveling Guide

Ding80 recommends also following Zuggy's Gold Guide - have more gold than you'll know what to do with!

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Alliance Leveling Guide

Ding80's Alliance Leveling Guide boasts a leveling speed of leveling from 1 to 80, solo, in under 6 days! The guide will take you across the best Alliance quests in the most efficient possible way, which will allow you to rack up massive bonus questing experience.

For some quick tips about how best to use this Alliance Leveling Guide and general philosophies to follow, take a look at the Leveling Tips section first.

Azeroth (1-58)

Outland (58-68)

Northrend (68-80)

Level 1-12
Level 13-19
Level 20-24
Level 25-29
Level 30-34
Level 35-39
Level 40-44
Level 45-49
Level 50-54
Level 55-58

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